NBA Service 2014/15 Season

With the NBA season about to return, it’s full steam ahead with the new NBA package. Believe we have some brief details of what is on offer and what you may expect from the NBA package via the Secret Betting Club.

Last season I moved my NBA services to the Secret Betting Club, where an initial two month trial period taken up by over 150 members proved to be extremely popular. This season, we’ll be offering a full season package plus several shorter term packages for those new members who may not want to commit straight away.

What does the package involve?
Once signed up for the NBA service you will receive an email every single day. Even if there are no picks, we will keep you updated. Whilst we can’t predict ahead how many picks we will have daily (quality over quantity is important) there is always a steady flow of betting picks.

How many bets did we advise last season?
313. This is equal to around 40 picks per NBA calendar month (Keep in mind there are 6 games most days, and 10+ games at least once or twice a week)

What were our profits last season?
314 commands a good amount of profit, otherwise we’re going to produce a poor ROI. Last seasons ROI, through 314 bets, was 16.80% over 8 NBA months! The proofed SBC results spreadsheet can back this up and that’s available at your request.

Our NBA betting last season returned a profit of 52.9 units, which following the extremely successfully 2012/2013 season with Terry Tipster means we have passed +50 NBA units two seasons in a row.

Last season we won 189 of 314 bets (60.10%)

(Please note all bets are 1 unit stake and average odds were 1.91)

Where can we find the NBA service?

If you have any further questions then us the contact form or email

Please visit where you will be able to read more about the NBA service which will be online shortly!

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New NBA Service

For those of you that haven’t checked out the new NBA service yet, you can do so by following this link: – It took no time at all for us to receive 100+ orders, and we thank you all for your continued interest!

Below are our results since the new service started on March 31!
-(17-6, +9.70, 42.18% ROI)-

31.03 – Wizards @ Bobcats -3 – WIN
31.03 – Bucks @ Pistons -6 – LOSE
31.03 – Spurs @ Pacers – Under 190 – WIN
31.03 – Clippers -3 @ Timberwolves – WIN

01.04 – Rockets @ Nets -3.5 – WIN

02.04 – Nets @ Knicks -2 – WIN
02.04 – Bulls -2 @ Hawks – WIN
02.04 – Rockets @ Raptors -1.5 – WIN

04.04 – Wizards @ Knicks -4.5 – LOSE
04.04 – Cavaliers +1.5 @ Atlanta Hawks – LOSE
04.04 – Pistons @ Nets – Over 206 – WIN
04.04 – Pacers @ Raptors -1 – WIN
04.04 – Magic @ Bobcats -10 – WIN

05.04 – Raptors -7 @ Bucks – LOSE

06.04 – Lakers @ Clippers -16 – WIN
06.04 – Jazz @ Warriors -11.5 – WIN
06.04 – Thunder -2.5 @ Suns – LOSE

08.04 – Nets +7 @ Heat – WIN
08.04 – Spurs -7 @ Timberwolves – LOSE
08.04 – Thunder @ Kings – Under 202 – WIN

09.04 – Bobcats +5.5 @ Wizards – WIN
09.04 – Pistons @ Cavaliers -6.5 – WIN
09.04 – Thunder @ Clippers – Under 211 – WIN


NBA Service Update

Last night was a great night! Miami blew a 17 point lead to win by 2, whilst the 76ers gave up a couple of last second 3 pointers to lose the spread by a single point! We came very close to a 5-0 on Free Monday, but in reality it was 3-2. We’re still happy you all won, but it demonstrated the fine margins of NBA betting.

Sometimes you can loss when you deserve to win, and vice versa. It only takes 60 seconds for a game to change course entirely in this league, but we certainly had fun with three emphatic wins on OKC, Chicago and Detroit!

It’s great that over 80 of you contacted me via DM for the free picks. I was thoroughly bored of writing DM’s come 11pm, but we all took money from the bookmakers, so it was certainly worth it!

Now, obviously we picked up a lot of new followers yesterday, but there are already a large number who have asked me where to find my NBA services from now on, now that I’ve left Terry Tipster.

I can reveal more details in the coming days, but I will be providing my bets via a service being set up with the Secret Betting Club. SBC, if you don’t know them (@SBCInfo on Twitter) are basically both a Tipster service, a gambling guide, and even the major online proofing service for all credible Tipsters.

Anything you need to know or have for your betting needs, they basically have it. They spend up to a year proofing the people the work with and the sites they recommend, so there’s no way around it. If SBC back someone, it’s simply because they’re at the top of their game and they’ll make you money, so they’re worth checking out.

The NBA package with SBC as opposed to Terry Tipster will differ in a few ways.

Odds: Unlike previously, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the odds we get or as close as possible. We’ll use mainly Pinnacle and SBO so everyone can get the lines. Most of my TT followers complain the odds simply don’t exist, so this won’t be an issue with SBC.

Price: Just because SBC are well known, it doesn’t mean we’re going to charge loads. We’ve put together a reasonably priced package (will release details shortly) that will cover you for the rest of the NBA season, AND playoffs. MLS and other sports may also be available soon.

Profit: As well as a similar price, you’re going to get much better overall profits. If you joined TT just to follow me, then you’ll be making good money anyway, but obviously the site on the whole is round about level over a year plus, or down if we consider the previous departed Tipsters. So, with me, you know what you’re going to be getting, and we’ll also do what we can to make the service as personal as possible. I’m happy for all SBC members to have my Twitter and Skype to contact me about SBC related NBA bets.

We’ll release further details shortly, but we will release another FREE NBA PICK this evening if you get in touch on Twitter!

Tonight’s FREE NBA

As you will now know, I have left the Terry Tipster website. This is due to what we’ll just call a career opportunity, and also time restrictions. Very soon I will be providing my NBA advice, amongst other sports, on a new platform that will be available to you all.

I’ll provide you with that information on my personal site, here, very shortly. I appreciate the entire following that I’ve built up during my time on the site covering the NBA, and I look forward to bringing you the advice from a new home.

Many of you have been asking me in the past month or so if there’s a way to take my NBA picks on there own, or become a personal client, so now is your chance.

If you wish to receive tonight’s NBA PICKS for FREE, just visit my Twitter account – which is, as always, @GeorgeDempseyTT, and just re-tweet one of my tweets advertising the free picks. Make sure you’re following me so I can DM you.

Tonight we’ll be looking at five games. Portland @ Miami, Detroit @ Utah, Denver @ OKC, Philadelphia @ San Antonio and Indiana @ Chicago.

Contact me now for your five free NBA Picks, and I’ll release details very soon about where you can become a part of my individual NBA service very shortly! There will also be the option to tail on MLS, CONCACAF and Internationals, all of which we’ll release records for very shortly.

NBA Wednesday


Last night’s pleasing 2-0 outcome saw the overall run stretch to 25 winners in the last 28 picks, and in the shorter term it extended our complete winning run to 10-0 over the past five NBA days.

Tonight’s card has provided us with juicy totals, and I’ve picked out three plus a spread for this evening’s NBA betting.

With the hopes of extending the current 25-3 run and 10-0 week for our sixth straight sweeping day, now is a great time to sign up for this seasons NBA HERE for as little as £15

Nets @ Trailblazers



“The Brooklyn Nets will travel to Rose Garden on the back of a rest, whilst the Trailblazers will come in to this game on the back of a trip home from Denver, where they played just last night. They can look to draw on home advantage in this one though.

The Nets are coming in to this game on the back of an eight point win, as they edged out the Lakers 108-102 in LA in a high scoring one last time out. The Nets have now gone over in two of their last three on this current road trip.”

CLICK HERE! To read the rest of the preview and claim your free pick for Nets @ Trailblazers